Private School Gets Involved


I’m Katelyn, and Catherine asked me to be in charge of collecting safety pins at my school, Center Place Restoration School (CPRS). When I heard about the project I was really excited, so of course I agreed. CPRS is a small, private Restoration school in Independence, and we wear uniforms.

After I agreed to be in charge of the collection site, I was trying to think of ways to really boost collection, when my mom came up with the idea to have a casual dress day in support of the Safety Pin drive. So we arranged that with the administrator, and on a Friday a couple weeks ago we had a casual dress day where students either paid $2 or donated a package of safety pins to be able to wear casual, non-uniform clothes. We asked that to help everyone remember what it was for, that boys would wear any shade of blue and girls any shade of pink.

We had a really good turnout. The middle school and high school student body donated 2,113 safety pins, and $125.50, which will buy 25,000 safety pins. In total, we donated 27,113 safety pins.

I feel so blessed to be part of this, and pray it can really make a difference.

God Bless!

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