“Why Should I Vote in the Primary?”

Missouri’s Primary is August 7, 2012!

Many of us may think, “I will vote in November’s General Election.  Why is the August Primary so important?”

The answer to this question is quite simple.  The primary determines who you will be voting for in November.

For example, in Missouri’s 5th Congressional District there are four Republicans–Jason Greene, Jacob Turk, Jerry Nolte, and Ron Paul Shawd–campaigning for the opportunity to represent the citizens of said district.  The primary will decide which man will appear on the ballot in November to compete against the *notorious Democratic Incumbent “Rev.” Emanuel Cleaver.  Of the four men seeking to represent the 5th Congressional District, Jacob Turk is the only candidate endorsed by Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee.  If you are in the 5th District, please consider voting for Jacob Turk so we will have a strong pro-life Christian candidate running against Emanuel Cleaver in November!

The August Primary will give YOU the opportunity to help choose who will represent your party this fall.  There are many statewide positions whose candidates will be finally determined in the primary.  These positions include Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, Attorney General, and one seat in the U.S. Senate (We have the opportunity to replace Sen. Claire McCaskill!).

To see who is running in Missouri’s state and district races please follow this link http://www.sos.mo.gov/CandidatesOnWeb/.

In researching candidates for statewide positions and my district’s races, I found the Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committees’ Candidate  Ratings and Endorsements for the August 7, 2012 Primary to be most helpful.  These may be found through the links below.

PLEASE NOTE:  Missouri’s Congressional District lines have recently been drastically re-drawn.  For example, the residents of Lafayette County were in District 4 but are now in District 5 and have the opportunity to help oust *Democratic Incumbent Representative Emanuel Cleaver–the pro-choice “reverend” who voted against the “In God We Trust” resolution. . . VOTE TURK!!!  🙂

In short, be sure you know which district you are in!  This information may be found here  http://oa.mo.gov/bp/redistricting/congressional/.
(Hint:  To better determine your district select the “Streets” tab in the upper right hand corner.)

8 thoughts on ““Why Should I Vote in the Primary?”

  1. It is nice that Turk has the endorsement of the MO Right to life political action committee, but that doesn’t mean that the other candidates are not pro-life. I know for a FACT that Jason Greene is a 100% pro-life. He states it boldly on the issues portion of his website greeneforcongress.com .
    It is great that the writer of this article supports Turk, but do not get confused that there are other candidates such as Jason Greene that have strong pro-life convictions. Just because there is a special political action comittee that supports one of the candidates doesn’t mean that the others aren’t of the same conviction.

    • That is very true that Jason Greene is 100% pro-life. But when it comes to pro-life issues the whole root of the problem is family life. You have to protect your family life otherwise the next generation will suffer. Part of protecting the family life is keeping traditional marriage the only type of marriage. Right there on Jason Greene’s web site it says that homosexuals should be allowed to be married if they want the same benefits as tradionally married couples. That cannot be condoned and makes family life slowly decay. That is the reason why I myself would vote Turk over Greene.

      • I am sorry CS, but you are misquoting his website. Right under the issues tab within his website it states “My personal belief is that marriage should be between a man and a woman. However, I do believe that homosexual couples should be able to form civil unions if they wish to attain the same political and economic considerations as traditional married couples.”
        He does not state marriage, but implies that homosexuals should be able to have rights available to them. In my profession within the healthcare setting, this plays a huge role in regards to “DNR” orders (Do Not Resuscitate) as well as having access in the exchange of healthcare privacy. I have also been at venues where Greene has spoken of this and it has only confirmed the above statements in regards to marriage being between a man and a woman.
        For the record, I have attended events by all 3 major candidates running in this race (Turk, Nolte and Greene) and I came into this primary with an open mind about each of them, but after researching them and listening to all of them speak my vote is for Jason Greene.

      • CS
        Since the issue has been clarified, I’m curious who you will support now? Has Turk offered a legal avenue to protect life? I heard Jason Greene speak last week in Clay county and he offered his support for state nullification of Roe v. Wade, in fact he placed the same arguement on his website. I voted for Turk the last few times, I’m going with Greene because he provides substance and an avenue to achieve a pro-life missouri.

      • Kchero, I appreciate your comments. They are always very kind even though we disagree. I still think that because Greene says homosexuals should have a civil union, basically getting married, if they want to have the rights that traditionally married couples have; isn’t he indirectly supporting the right to a homosexually married couple? That is what I gathered from his statement. If I misinterpreted his web site I’m sorry. It just looks like Greene isn’t going to say no to them being able to get married.
        Jaren, I’m not sure if Turk has talked or thought about overturning Roe v. Wade for just in the state but I do know that he is totally and 100% against abortion. I mean he has the endorsement of both National Right to Life and Missouri Right to Life. I have also talked with him personally and he wants to get rid of abortion completely.
        I hope you guys have a blessed day and that whoever God wants to win that that they will win.

  2. Also, I would like to add that I am not trying to sway your vote. Just clarify the candidate’s positions. I appreciate the passion and concern you put into this website. Life is a very important issue (among many others), that are sadly being threatened within this country and people need to become educated and fight these government intrusions upon our liberties. Thank you for the forum.

  3. Thank you, kchero and C S for your comments and the discussion they have generated. I am glad you are both planning to vote in the primary!

    Catherine Thomas
    (Founder of Show Me 4 Life)

  4. CS
    Thanks for your response. In regards to your civil unions statement, Greene supports that so that eveyone can have the same constitutional rights, it is not an endorsement of marriage. There seems to be a lot of misinformation about some of his positions. The main thing is that Emanuel Cleaver has to go and I honestly believe Jason Greene can do it, I have seen this guy walk in the urban core and get democrats to put his sign in their yard. I voted for Turk the last three times and I will not do it anymore because we need a fresh contrast and an urban candidate to take on Cleaver. I respect your decison but Greene is 100 pecent life and marriage and makes his case much stronger I feel than the other two candidates. God Bless!

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