Thank You and an Upcoming Display

Over the last few days my family processed 16,400 of the pins pictured in our last post. We took the remaining 70,000 pins to church last night. After the service we had about 35 volunteers—the vast majority of which were youth ages 5-17. The children were full of joy and eagerness to help. I lost count of how many times they came to me and asked if there were any more pins to process. Ladies helped with sorting, supervising, and making sure instructions were understood. The men did a wonderful job setting up for us. Before I had finished opening our 42 lb. box, chairs had been cleared and work tables were in place. They also helped process the pins, supervised Leatherman usage, and restored the room to its previous order. In 45 minutes, this eager group of volunteers joyfully and efficiently completed a job that would have taken my family several days.


I am also excited to announce that Missouri Right to Life has asked to have the Missouri Abortion Memorial displayed on February 19, for the Pro-Life Lobby Day at the Capitol Building in Jefferson City. For more information please visit I will write a post with additional detail closer to time.

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