Fundraiser Announcement and God’s Provision


I am pleased to announce that Cornerstone Community Church in Overland Park, Kansas is hosting Run for Their Lives—KC at Shawnee Mission Park on July 20. This 5k fundraiser is for the benefit of Advice and Aid Pregnancy Center and Show Me 4 Life. Will you help me by sharing this flier with your family, friends, churches, and pro-life groups?

Earlier this week, I was getting ready to place a bulk order for 28,800 safety pins. Before placing that order, Mom and I added up the reported number of abortions in Kansas since 1973. The total is 403,841. I did a little more math and realized that if we increased our order slightly, we could represent the Kansas numbers! Once I calculated the additional pins and increased shipping rate, I discovered that current donations would cover the order with $0.15 to spare! Therefore, when we display the collection in July we will have ALL of the reported abortions in Kansas represented. God is good!

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