Where We’ve Come from and Where We’re Going

Our very first display was in March of 2012. We were attending the Pro-Life Action Day in Jefferson City and had 69,823 pins in these three containers.

IMG_0735 - Copy

With each showing, the collection grows. By October of 2012 it had grown by nearly 100,000 pins. This was our display at Missouri Right to Life Western Region’s fundraising banquet that year.


Three months later, we had over 250,000 pins.

Pins cont...

A couple of weeks ago, we set up the display once again for Missouri Right to Life Western Region’s Stand Up for Life Banquet. There were exactly 403,841 pins on these tables. The collection had grown by over 245,000 pins since its display at MRL’s fundraising banquet in 2012.

IMG_1522 cropped-001

Now, with additional pins received and another 91,200 pins on the way, we have achieved 80% of our goal! The end is in sight! But, of course, we will not leave these pins in cheese ball containers. The collection of 625,000 diaper/safety pins is only Phase 1. In Phase 2, we will begin construction of the memorial itself.

The pins will be displayed in clear, infant-sized caskets which will be set off in cross-shaped frames. While illustrating the tragedy of innocent lives lost, this memorial will also beam with the hope and forgiveness found only in and through our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Please Note: The overall design of this memorial may be subject to change.

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