Special Announcement

As you all know, Show Me 4 Life has been working to establish a Missouri Abortion Memorial. In Phase 1 we have been collecting one diaper/safety pin to represent each of Missouri’s 625,000 abortion victims (both in and out-of-state). This stage of the memorial is now financially complete. The final order for pins has been placed, and I expect to see them shortly.

Part of our goal has been to make 625,000 a number so large it cannot be ignored. Although there are only 580,708 pins in the picture below, I think we have certainly accomplished this goal! (The remaining pins will fill two more containers.) If you would like to have the collection displayed in churches, schools, or pro-life gatherings, please let me know.
IMG_0492-002Thank you all for your continued prayers and support of this endeavor. May you be richly blessed in your efforts to defend life!

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