The Memorial


Phase 1–Missouri’s Abortion Memorial
The collecting 625,000 diaper/safety pins to represent an estimated 625,000 Missourians who have lost their lives to abortion

7-10 Weeks Models with Pins

Phase 2–Missouri’s Life Memorial
Building a visual memorial which not only illustrates the tragedy of abortion, but also points to the forgiveness and hope offered through the life of Jesus Christ


The collection itself will be donated to Missouri Right to Life for use as an educational resource. But we do not want to simply hand over hundreds of thousands of diaper/safety pins. We plan to display the 625,000 pins in twelve, acrylic, infant-sized caskets. The acrylic material will need to be purchased, and cut precisely, before being assembled. While illustrating the tragedy of innocent lives lost, this memorial will also beam with the hope and forgiveness found only in and through our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Although we hope and pray for volunteers to step forward and assist in the development of this memorial, we will NOT sacrifice quality for the ease of pocketbooks. This memorial will never truly represent the great evil inflicted by the vile plague which affects our nation, but we hope it will provide a glimmer of the light and joy that has been lost for the sake of convenience or financial ease. Thus, we wish to be prepared to pay for quality labor if the need requires. If we are blessed with a surplus of funds the additional resources will be set aside to support and maintain the memorial after its completion.

(Please Note: The overall design of this memorial may be subject to change.)


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